Lesen Sie hier einige Stimmen zu unserem Betrieb:

„Mir möchte euch vo ganzem Härze danke für euer Engagement, euri Geduld, euri Idee, euer Ifühlvermögä, euri Liebi, euri Kochkünscht, eurs Do-si für unseri zwei Kinder. Si häns bi euch im Zebra super troffe.“
Stephanie und Armand

„Thank you so very much for making Ahmed’s first experience of school so wonderful. I hope that you will remember him whenever you will drink coffee in his cup, because Ahmed certainly will miss you a lot. We are ever so grateful to have found you. Thank you for giving our son a best start in life.“
Hina and Atif

„Wir möchten euch einmal ganz fest DANKE sagen. Für all eure Arbeit, eure Zuwendung und eure Unterstützung. Wir wissen all dies zu schätzen! Einen speziellen Dank dir Simone fürs Organisieren eines „Abholtaxis“ für Kaan ab August. Damit wurde uns einmal mehr aus einer kniffligen Lage geholfen.“
Neslihan und Ferat

„We have been using Chinderhuus Zebra for a long time since 2013, just after our first child was born.  We were so impressed with their service, professionalism and flexibility that we decided to use them again when our second daughter was born too.

As we are an expat family, Simone, Stephanie and Regina have supported us endlessly! They can converse very well in English, they have been so accommodating and flexible with the needs of an expat family i.e switching days from the established contracted days due to commitments, appointments and meeting conflicts.

We have additionally enjoyed sending our eldest child to Zebra, during holidays to join her little sister on the days she usually attends. This means both kids are entertained during holidays, together in one place, within a familiar setting! Zebra have even collected our eldest from Kindergarten and looked after her after school, on a day which wasn’t booked in as such and was an emergency request!

With our second daughter they have been nothing but life savers! After her birth she was extremely clingy and sending her to Zebra encouraged her to become more independent, learn social skills, the rules to enable her to start Kindergarten, communicate in Schweizer Deutsch, even become potty trained!

Apart from this, Zebra usually host many events such as Pyjama Parties, Aperos and fairs, which gives parents the opportunity to meet each other and socialise, above all, we always look forward to these events as Stephanie’s home cooked food is absolutely delicious!

Please do not hesitate to send your child here as they will be in a home from home environment with dedicated care.“
Fatema and Kashim